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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — Her mother has been gone more than a year without a trace. Now, Angela Green’s daughter wants to know where her mother is, and she hopes someone will help break the case.

While Green hasn’t been seen since June of 2019, she was reported missing in February of 2020 by her daughter, Ellie Green.

Police searched for clues across Johnson County, but there’s no sign of Angela, and no arrests in this case. It’s a story that has left many people baffled, and asking questions.

Angela Green and Ellie Green (Photos courtesy Ellie Green)

FOX4 spoke with Green, and also asked her husband if he knows where she is. 

Ellie Green says her mother dedicated her life to making sure she had everything she needed.

“I absolutely love her,” Ellie said. “She is incredible, and she would give without receiving anything back. She poured her soul into raising me and taking care of me growing up, so I was her world.”

The 19-year-old says her mother pushed her to excellence. Green graduated valedictorian of Shawnee Mission East High School in 2018.

Ellie says it was hard for her mother when she moved to Lawrence to attend KU. Green is pursuing classes in finance and law and is going into her junior year.

“She struggled with me being dependent on her, but at the same she wanted me to be independent and get out there and spread my wings,” Green said. “So it was definitely hard for her as a mother to let go. I don’t know if she ever did.”

Angela Green and Ellie Green (Photos courtesy Ellie Green)

Ellie says June 20th of 2019 was the last day she saw her mom. She was studying abroad and just got back from her trip.

She says her mother was anxious to get her back home and wanted her to stay for the summer.

Green says when she got home she and her mother got into a small fight like many teenagers and moms do.

She left to stay with her boyfriend’s family, but got concerned when she didn’t hear from her mother for three days. Green says when she reached out to her father he told her she was gone. She says when she went back home, things weren’t the same.

“I felt it three days after I left the house when I went back for the first time and my Dad said Mom is gone, the door is open, you’re welcome to stay here,” Green said. “I had an eerie feeling about the house.”

She says she wishes she didn’t leave things with her mother the way they did.

“Of course I wished I had hugged her, said I love you, said something to her,” Green said.

Angela Green and Ellie Green (Photos courtesy Ellie Green)

She says her dad, Geoff Green, told her first that her mother was in a hospital dealing with a mental health crisis.

On July 16th, she says he contacted her and told her that Angela died of a stroke in the hospital. She says her father told her she’d died in her room overnight. Ellie says he asked her to not tell Angela’s family about her mother’s death.

“It wasn’t a secret I wanted to keep,” Green said.

Green says she thought her father would tell Angela’s family when he felt ready, but that day never came.

She says time passed and she felt upset, angry, and felt they deserved to know.

In February, she called her aunt, who lives out out of state and told her about her mother’s death. Her aunt asked her to find proof her mother died.

“I drove to Topeka the next day and asked them for a death certificate, and they found her through my dad’s marriage license and couldn’t find any record in the state of Kansas,” Green said.

Neighbors asked for a wellness check be done to try and find Angela, and Ellie filed a missing persons report with Prairie Village Police Department.

Angela Green and Ellie Green (Photos courtesy Ellie Green)

On March 11, Prairie Village police served two warrants looking for information that may lead them to Green.

One was at a property in Olathe where Green says her father stores vintage cars he works on, and they also searched the family’s home on Tomahawk Dr.

“She never left. She never left,” Green said. “Honestly, even to go to the grocery store she would have someone like me or my Dad with her. She didn’t go out on her own ever.”

Ellie says her mother’s purse, phone and passport were all at home. She says police told her there is no record of a death certificate nationwide, and Angela has not pulled money out of her bank account.

According to her daughter, Green did not use a debit or credit card. She says her mother would not go shopping on her own or venture out much.

Green says once police started looking into where her mother might be, her father was suddenly saying she was alive again.

“He said that she was out partying with friends, and would be back later that night,” Green said. “My mom never drank, never smoked. Never went to a party.”

FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt went to Geoff Green’s home to get his side of the story, and to ask if he knew where Angela is today.

Angela Green and Ellie Green (Photos courtesy Ellie Green)

He opened the door and said he did not know where Angela was and he had no comment. Ellie says her father has hired a lawyer, but Green did not refer FOX4 to speak with one.

Ellie is hoping someone can help police with the information they need to find her mother — whatever that may mean.

“If she’s not here anymore she deserved so much more time in the world. If she’s not there I love her and I hope she’s safe,” Green said.

FOX4 also reached out to Prairie Village Police Department for an update on the case, but did not hear back.