KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Gas prices are on the rise, and experts fear we might not see relief anytime soon.

Data shows last week national average gas prices saw their highest one-day increase in more than a year. The national average is $3.72, as of Monday.

Drivers in the Kansas City area are feeling the pain at the pump, too. The average price of gas in the Kansas City area is $3.57 per gallon. That’s 21.7 cents higher than just one week ago and 30.8 centers higher than last month.

Experts at Gas Buddy, which monitors gas prices around the United States, Canada and Australia, believe it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

A Gas Buddy spokesperson said prices have soared because demand is up, inventory is low, and there are heat-related outages impacting some of the largest refineries in the country. Hurricane season is also right around the corner.

“I do think with oil prices continuing to inch higher, we could see higher prices over the next couple of weeks, 5-15 cents over the next couple of weeks,” Gas Buddy spokesman Patrick DeHaan said.

“As we get into fall, things should cool back off. The major wild card is Saudi Arabia and Russia because there is word that Saudi Arabia may extend its cut of oil production into September.”

DeHaan suggested shopping around to get the lowest price on gas.

For example, according to Gas Buddy, a gallon of gas will run you $3.27 at the Minit Mart on N.W. Woods Chapel Road in Blue Springs.

Drivers can also try to go further between fill-ups by driving slower, which will help get extra miles on a tank of gas, DeHaan said.