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LIBERTY, Mo. – You know what you’re supposed to do, but when driving on icy roads, do you follow the expert tips? With wintery weather in full force here in the metro, FOX 4 wanted to remind you what experts say you should do to stay safe out on the roads.

The basics include; keeping both hands on the wheel, knowing your route in advance, and anticipating what other drivers might do. Give yourself plenty of time and room to come to a stop, and start slowing down sooner than you would during good weather conditions.

If you do find yourself skidding or sliding down a hill, a driving expert told us what do when your anti-lock brakes set in.

“You can just hold on to the brake, it’s going to vibrate and pulsate and it’s going to slow you down as best it could with the conditions of the road you’re on. You want to get from point A to point B and you want to be safe in doing that,” said Dan Backhaus, the owner of Liberty Driving School.

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