Extreme heat wave moves through the metro

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OLATHE, Kan. — The Kansas City area will experience extreme heat this week.

The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating a woman’s death, which they say might be heat related. The CDC says every year, 600 people in the United States die from extreme heat.

Children, people who work outside and the elderly are at higher risks for heat related illnesses.

All groups of  people are being careful in the heat this week.

Phenix Label in Olathe scheduled an upgrade to its air conditioning system for Wednesday, the start of the hottest temperatures.

“We had scheduled to upgrade our air conditioning units and we scheduled that in advance,” Tara McKinney, HR Manager at Phenix Label said.

A very hot coincidence. When the upgrade is done, the new units will be more efficient. Until then, half the air conditioning units are out in the building made of metal and concrete.

“We told everyone in advance to wear shorts, bring fans, we have fans, hydrate hydrate hydrate,” McKinney said.

Phenix Label workers like Steve Doolittle are doing to their best to stay cool.

“It’s a little warmer today,” Doolittle said. “I’ll be leaving here and going to my swimming pool.”

On 39th Street in Kansas City, Mo., Emily Webster and her little ones are also trying to beat the heat. They’ll hit up their own pool, but not until they finish their shaved ices from Miami Ice.

“We just really wanted to come out here and cool off,” Webster said.

Metro Air is installing the new units at Phenix Label.

“Air conditioning in the car was working great,” Jason Astry, a sheet metal Foreman said. “Gotta take those breaks as much as you possibly can. Because it was getting so hot up there it was even hard to breath today.”

Astry brought water for his crew today to help keep them safe. They’re working hard to get the job done in a day.

“They need the air conditioning and If I don’t do it they’re going to be hot,” Astry said. “So I guess I take one for the team and get things done.”



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