Fairmount Liquors in Independence closing indefinitely due to ongoing flooding issues

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Fairmount Liquors has been along 24 Highway in Independence for more than 20 years.

Over the past few years, Thelma Jordan has been warning over and over again that the flooding issues on 24 Highway would shut her business down for good.

Now, ahead of the new year, Jordan is announcing she's finally making the tough and heartbreaking decision.

“It’s been a very hard decision. I put it off. I thought about doing it before, and I put it off again. I talked to everybody, and keep thinking something is going to happen, but nobody does anything. They talk. That’s all they do," Jordan said.

For 27 years, Jordan has been serving her Independence community through bottles.

While she would like to go another 27 years, she said that's no longer an option.

"It wasn't mine at all. I'd love to keep working, I love my customers. I loved the neighborhood, and you can only do so much. There's a time you have to say, that's it," she said.

The flooding stems from a broken culvert in front of a now empty car lot across the street from the liquor store.

The area is divided between Sugar Creek, Independence and MoDOT jurisdiction -- where Jordan said no one is stepping up to fix the problem.

"There is so much indecision on whose fault it is. I would just like somebody to get in there and get it fixed, but nobody is doing anything," she said. “The first time we were closed the month to get it straightened out, and after that, it’s been four days, it’s been five days, seven days. It just depends how fast the waters recede."

Jordan said she has lost thousands of dollars since the flooding began in 2015. To date, there have been 12 floods causing her to lose merchandise, as well as business.

“I have held on and held on with all this flooding that could be fixed, and after a point, my parking lot is starting to disintegrate with all the floods, and I’m going to have to put a bunch of money into the store to keep it going. Since they won’t fix it, there is no reason to because I can not afford to keep doing this," Jordan said.

Fairmount Liquors will be open through the end of 2019.

While this is a popular location, Jordan said she does own another liquor store, located at 8601 East Truman Road, called Jordan Liquors.



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