Fall colors starting to show across Missouri

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MISSOURI — With pumpkin spice in the air and scary movie specials playing on TV every night, you may be starting to look around and wonder when the trees will start to change color.

Here’s a look by region in Missouri at what colors are showing up, what to look for, and where to find them.

Kansas City metro – Starting to turn

Most of the trees remain green, but some of the creepy crawly vines, like poison ivy and Virginia creeper, are beginning to redden. Dogwoods are darkening to reach their deep purple, though they’re not quite there yet. Walnuts are starting to yellow.

Find some color downtown at 75th Street and US 71. For hiking and photography, check out Big Buffalo Creek, Burr Oak Woods, and White Alloe Creek Conservation Areas. Most areas along the Missouri and Kansas River Valley will begin looking very nice.

Missouri central – Starting to turn

This region includes Columbia, Jefferson City and the Ozarks. Most of the canopy is green, but some trees, including walnuts, sycamores, hackberries and cottonwoods are really beginning to show some yellow.

With Mizzou’s homecoming coming up next weekend, celebration goers can expect to see a little more color. Hiking at Three Creeks Conservation Area could prove to be fairly rewarding.

St. Louis metro – Starting to turn, but muted

While some snippets of color are showing up, most of the color is still green or muted at best. Some trees have lost a considerable amount of leaves already due to drier-than-normal conditions over the past few weeks. However, wildflowers are still in bloom in some areas.

Southern Missouri – Turning in the west, not in the east

Southeastern Missouri has been hotter than normal with lingering summer temperatures, so you’re not going to find a lot of color around Cape Girardeau.

However, areas around around Springfield and Branson in the west are showing fine color. Lead Mine and Mule Shoe Conservation Areas are good places to see the start of this transformation. Wildflowers are also in bloom at the same time.

Northern Missouri – Same as southern

Nothing going on in the northeast around Hannibal. We will need cooler weather for anything to happen.

However, the St. Joseph area in the west have hints of red and orange in some of those vined plants. Still not much happening, but it’s about to.

All the information in this story comes from the Missouri Department of Conservation. There is no good public information for Kansas colors.

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