Families celebrate an early Christmas with KCPD officers at Central Patrol

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police officers celebrated an early Christmas Friday night at Central Patrol, where they adopted eight families they had interacted with at some point during the year.

The families rode a trolley to the police station, met Santa Claus and told him what they want for Christmas, and left with gifts. They also got a hot meal from non-profit “Taking it to the Streets.” Officers say they’re doing what they can to help out.

“It’s us reaching out to them and saying, ‘Hi. We’re here, we remember you from a call for service or a time where you were really needing some help and we want to give back,'” Major Derek McCollum said.

“We’re here just to bless those families, give them a great Christmas they wouldn’t be able to have,” Scott Lamaster with “Taking it to the Streets” said.

Families also left with a meal kit, holding all the ingredients for a nice holiday meal. KCPD says everything provided at the celebration was donated either from local businesses or officers themselves.



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