Family, attorney calling for arrest of KCPD detective that shot and killed 26-year-old

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A family is still looking for answers one week after 26-year old Cameron Lamb was shot and killed by a KCPD detective.

On Tuesday morning, Lamb’s family and their attorneys met with Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. Now they’re calling for the officer’s arrest.

“We are calling on the Kansas City Police Department to release the name of this officer, the same way they would do any other criminal,” civil rights attorney Lee Merritt said. “We are calling on them to arrest him, mugshot him, so everyone can see his face.”

Merritt, who is representing the family along with criminal defense attorney Tom Porto, believes there’s enough evidence to indict the detective, following the latest details released by KCPD on Monday. He said Lamb is the true victim in this case.

“What we have learned, Cameron was involved in a pursuit with a girlfriend for a while. He pursued that girlfriend in his truck until cooler heads prevailed. Then he went back home,” Merritt said.

“He was not pursued at any time by the police,” the attorney continued. “He did not realize that he had been identified or that law enforcement wanted to talk to with him. If he had, he would have complied.”

According to KCPD, on Dec. 3, Lamb pointed a gun at one of two detectives who followed him behind his house on 41st Street following a disturbance and was shot by the other detective.

Officers said a gun was found next to Lamb’s truck. Merrit said he hasn’t been able to confirm if Lamb had a gun but is conducting his own investigation, including an autopsy.

“If they had done what they should have done in that situation, which was walk up to that home and knock on the door, identify themselves as law enforcement and ask to speak with the driver of the red truck, we wouldn’t be here today,” Merritt said.

Lamb’s mother said she will continue to fight for the truth.

“I thought the worst pain I ever experienced in my life was giving birth to my son, but nothing compares to the pain that I am going through right now,” Laurie Bey said. “To the community, we do demand justice.”

Police reportedly have video captured from the police helicopter. The family hopes they will be able to view the video and it will support what police say happened.

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said it’s common for the prosecutor to meet with families and their attorneys after officer-involved shootings. The office has no further comment at this time.



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