Family attorney shares update on 5-year-old’s condition, photos from crash involving Britt Reid


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The attorney for the family 5-year-old Ariel Young is speaking out for the first time after the girl was critically injured last month in a crash involving former Kansas City Chiefs coach Britt Reid.

Attorney Tom Porto said Ariel is awake, but she’s unresponsive and can’t walk. He said the young girl will be dealing with a brain injury for the rest of her life.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Porto said they are advocating for the most serious charges and sentencing that Reid could receive.

Porto shared pictures with FOX4 that show the aftermath of the crash. The back end of the vehicle that Ariel and her family was heavily damaged.

The wreck happened nearly a month ago around 9 p.m. Feb. 4, just days before the Chiefs played in the Super Bowl. It happened on the ramp from Stadium Drive, the same ramp that takes drivers from the Truman Sports Complex onto southbound I-435.

Ariel, her mom and her 4-year-old cousin had pulled over on the side of a highway to help a family member whose car had run out of gas.

Kansas City police said Reid hit the first car, then slammed into the back of the SUV Ariel was in.

According to court documents, the officer said when he made contact with Reid, he could smell a moderate odor of alcoholic beverages on him and his eyes were bloodshot and red. The officer said asked Reid if he’d been drinking, and he advised he’d had 2-3 drinks.

They asked about prescription medication, which he also said he was on a prescription for Adderall.

Kansas City police said this is an ongoing investigation. No charges have been filed at this time. Police say in a typical major crash it takes 30-60 days to finish putting the case file together and send it to prosecutors. Then prosecutors can take weeks more to decide on charges. 

Reid’s contract with the Chiefs expired earlier in February. The team did not renew it.

The GoFundMe account for Ariel’s medical expenses has raised more than $525,000, as of Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, a family friend posted to the page that they’re not sure how long it will be until she can walk and talk, but they will never give up hope.



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