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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Raymond Goulding says his wife was the glue of their family.

“Even if you did something wrong and you asked for help, she would help you,” he said.

Early Sunday morning, his wife Cynthia “Cindy” Goulding pulled over near 59th and Nogard in KCK to help people in an SUV who had been in a wreck. Kansas City, Kansas, police said the other people involved in that crash ran away.

Then the driver of a pick-up truck slammed into the SUV. The impact killed Cindy.

Now, after learning more about the man allegedly responsible for Cindy’s death, Raymond said the family is experiencing even more grief.

KCK police confirmed the suspect is 42-year-old Ramon Vasquez-Carmona, and immigration officials said he’s originally from Mexico and has been living in the country illegally.

According to a statement by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Vasquez-Carmona originally came to the U.S. lawfully in 2008. But two days later, he was removed from the country for violating terms of his admission. He then illegally re-entered the country in 2009.

Vasquez-Carmona was behind bars on Sunday after the crash but was then released from custody. ICE authorities said following his release, they located Vasquez-Carmona through a routine jail records check. He’s now being held in federal custody at the Chase County Detention Center.

Cynthia “Cindy” Goulding

But Cyndi’s family said they have one looming question: when charges will be filed against Vasquez-Carmona. On Monday, the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office said police are still investigating the incident.

“They have to tell us some information,” Raymond Goulding said. “Even if it’s just a little, that’s all we ask.”

According to a statement from ICE, “for non-citizens who are criminally convicted and sentenced, ICE pursues removing these non-citizens only after they have completed their imposed prison sentences.”

Authorities with ICE also said that with no charges from local authorities, they cannot indefinitely hold Vasquez-Carmona in custody, which could lead to him returning home to Mexico with no jail time.

Leaders with the KCK Police Department say the district attorney’s office has to wait for specific information, including a toxicology report, before going forward with charges. That report, KCK police said, could take weeks to conclude. 

Now the Goulding family said they’re without a loving mother and wife, but they’ll continue to cherish her memory, as they wait for answers.

“[She would say] Let the system work it out,” Raymond Goulding said. “She would say let it work out. She wouldn’t approve of it, but she say let it work out.”