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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — A suburban dog dispute has a grieving family questioning how effective their city’s animal control process is. The Lee’s Summit family lost a member of their family to another dog, and now wants answers.

“We’d play with toys, run around the house, we had so much fun together,” said Braden Taylor as tears streamed down his face.

The Taylors adopted Angel, a poodle-bichon mix, three months before Angel was attacked.

“The dog latched onto her neck,” said Jon, Braden’s dad.

Jon said his sister-in-law was walking Angel in her neighborhood when a dog named Zoey attacked her.

“There was lots of blood,” said Rhonda, Jon’s wife.

Rhonda’s sister tried to stop it, and a neighbor came out to help separate the dogs, but Angel had to be taken to vet emergency room where she had to be put down.

Brandie Clark, Zoey’s owner, was staying with family in the neighborhood.

“This is the second incident where she’s attacked another dog, and I am not in denial of the fact that she is dog-aggressive,” Clark said.

According to animal control documents, Zoey has had three previous incidents.

“I feel absolutely terrible for this family, my heart breaks for them, I would give anything to take it back and give them their dog back, but I can’t,” added Clark.

The Taylors say public safety is their biggest concern, and the city is not enforcing its code.

“When you learn of the other incidents, it’s very difficult to understand why something wasn’t done,” Rhonda said.

The Lee’s Summit Police Department declined to go on camera, but a spokesman said the department does enforce the laws and this incident must have fallen through the cracks.

Clark says she didn’t just get a slap on the wrist.

“I had to acquire a $300,000 liability policy, a bright orange collar, a muzzle, I had to put ‘Beware of Dog’ signs up around the house, we had to get her microchipped, and because of the charges brought against me, which were animal at-large, and animal nuisance, they put a warrant out for my arrest,” said Clark.

Clark will appear in court on Thursday to find out the fate of her dog… for now. She also said she’s sorry and is willing to pay the vet bills for the Taylors, but doesn’t feel her dog should be put down.