Family creates 60-feet-tall ‘ice tree’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — One family in Indiana doesn’t mind the frigid temperatures this time of year.

FOX 4’s sister station, FOX 59 in Indiana, reported on the Veal family, who has been practicing a winter family tradition for over 50 years.

Every year since 1961, the family has created a colorful ‘ice tree,’ and this year, due to the very cold and consistent temperatures, the ‘tree’ has grown to approximately 60 feet high. It is much taller than the family’s home and can be seen from a near-by highway.

The base of the tree is not an actual living breathing tree, but is instead made up of a 2″x 4″ structure along with a few branches, which the family coats with water. They use six different hoses, which pump water nonstop from a near-by pond. They also dye the water different colors to get the tree’s aesthetically appealing affect. With the frigid temperatures outside, the water takes no time at all to freeze.

The tree is now being created by third generation Veal’s, who keep the tradition alive to honor their grandfather, Vierl Veal, who began creating the tree in 1961, but has since passed away.

This winter, the tree has grown much taller than it has for many years. Back in the 1970’s the family said the tree grew to about 70 feet, and this winter they say they are attempting to get it close to that height again.

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