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SEDALIA, Mo. — The Missouri State Highway Patrol is piecing together what led a Pettis County deputy to shoot and kill a young woman in Sedalia this weekend.

The woman’s family doesn’t think deadly force was necessary.

Hannah Fizer, 25, worked overnights at a gas station on the edge of Sedalia. She was headed into work Saturday night when a Pettis County deputy tried to stop her for speeding and careless driving along Highway 50 near Thompson Blvd. Fizer ultimately turned into a driveway between two restaurants about a block down the road.

“You want to make sure you’re observing everything that’s going on in that vehicle and that you know what’s happening so you have to be really cognizant of your surroundings, specifically in the area of the vehicle,” said Sgt. Bill Lowe with MSHP. 

The highway patrol is investigating what happened next. Deputies have indicated Fizer said she had a gun and threatened to shoot. There was a scuffle, and the deputy shot Hannah, killing her.

“Shots fired and she didn’t survive. I mean, I couldn’t even comprehend that. OK? Shots fired. I had to ask two or three times — shots fired??” said John Fizer, Hannah’s dad.

Hannah’s dad said for nearly a full day, he didn’t even know who shot her.

“To learn that it was actually a cop? Good Lord,” he said.

He said his only child was never violent and doesn’t believe she’d ever threaten to hurt anyone.

“She was just funny and beautiful personality. Fun to be around. Wouldn’t hurt a fly,” John Fizer said.

The deputy who killed Hannah didn’t have a body cam and the dash cam didn’t catch what unfolded. The highway patrol plans to look at neighboring business surveillance cameras and is getting a search warrant to comb through Hannah’s car for evidence.

John Fizer is convinced they won’t find a gun.

“I can’t imagine her even raising her hand let alone shooting a gun. She’s not like that,” he said.

Friends and family are sharing #JusticeForHannah online. But John said he wants to be clear that although he wants answers, he does not want his daughter’s death to become a flash point for anti-police sentiment.

“I don’t understand what happened with this officer. He was one of them officers that’s obviously very untrained. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’m not going to bash the rest of them because of him,” Fizer said.

As the investigation into the deadly shooting continues, Hannah’s family waits to learn more and are planning a final goodbye. They ask any donations are made to Rea’s Funeral Home in Sedalia.