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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  When a man with Alzheimer’s disappeared with his precious Bichon Poodle named Tabitha, the man’s wife naturally went out looking for them. Alfred Schaefer wandered off Wednesday, Sept. 2 with their five-year-old Bichon Poodle.

After she found Alfred, Kelly went back out for Tabitha.

“I had a decision to make and it was either get my husband or my dog. I couldn’t get both,” said Kelly.

She’s been searching ever since. Kelly printed out nearly 300 flyers and posted them all around her neighborhood. She hoped someone would come forward. She says her fear is that someone found her and is keeping her.

With Tabitha still missing almost a week later, FOX 4’s Judy Le went out to talk to Kelly Schaefer. When Judy’s story aired on FOX 4, the right person saw it.  FOX 4 immediately received a call from the person who found her. She says Tabitha perked up when Kelly and Alfred appeared in the story. The woman realized the dog’s name was Tabitha by the way she responded.

“To me, she’s my kid. I love her as much as I love my husband, my boys,” Kelly said of Tabitha.

Kelly says Tabitha helps Alfred remember; she calms him and gives him a reason to get up and move.