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JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. — The families of two men are looking for answers, both disappeared nearly a week ago. Families of Michael Brewer and Keith Wasmer are holding out hope their loved ones are safe.

They say both men went to the Longview Lake Marina to meet a man named Sam. Why? No one seems to know, but they don’t care either, they just want Keith and Michael to come home.

At a Sunday night vigil, family handed out fliers and pictures of both men. They had a pastor to pray with them, and lit candles sitting in silence, hoping soon they can understand what happened to Michael and Keith.

They’re best friends, and because of Charlsea Brewer, they are family.

“They`re pretty much identical people just age difference,” she told FOX4.

Her brother Michael is a jokester.

“He`s a very upbeat, loving, caring, fun person. The kind of guy that can never be serious,” Brewer said.

Keith – the father of their 1-month-old son – is a constant in her life.

“He`s the biggest teddy bear in the world. I`ve never gone for the last year more than 8 hours without talking to Keith,” she said.

But on August 6 – her phone went silent.

“He says, `I love you beautiful. I`ll call you back.` or whatever the case may be,” Brewer said, saying she never got that call back.

Both phones are still going straight to voicemail. She said the men came to Longview Lake to meet a man named Sam. She thinks they may have been lured there.

“Keith had just came into a lot of money, and everybody thinks that he has all this money on him, and I honestly think someone tried to rob them, more so,” Brewer said.

The money came from a medical settlement. Police did find Keith’s car the next, but under suspicious circumstances.

“They said that it looked like it had been pulled in really quickly. The tires weren`t straight. The door was wide open, and there was nothing in the car,” Brewer described.

The missing men were nowhere to be found, but Brewer says she hopes they are out there, and showing them how much they are missed could bring them home.

“I want them to come home, and their kids and their families miss them,” she said.

FOX4 reached out to Grandview police on Sunday, but haven’t heard back. The family says the problem investigators face at this point is that they need to find out if the men were in danger to move forward in the investigation. If you have any information, contact Grandview police.