WICHITA, Kan. — Capital murder charges were filed against Alexander Lewis for the death of Zaiylah Bronson and her unborn child after investigators found her body in the trunk of a car Saturday.

Bronson grew up just outside of Kansas City, moving to Wichita two years ago to attend Wichita State University. At the time of her death, she was not enrolled at the school anymore, KSNW reports.

Her mom and godmother said her death left them shocked and devastated. They saw no warning signs she was in trouble.

Lewis and Bronson were dating at the time of her death, according to her godmother.

Bronson’s loved ones remember her for the kindness she showed the people around her.

“Her compassion for others just helped her through whatever she may have been going through,” said Taronza Rowe-Bronson, Bronson’s mom

“That voice, that smile, that happiness, that joy, that pure love that she have for life and everybody else,” said Dawn Wilson, Bronson’s godmother.

Rowe-Bronson and Bronson talked on the phone nearly every day.

“We were close, but like I said, obviously not close enough,” Rowe-Bronson said. “I don’t know what led to this. What were the signs?”

Bronson’s godmother is a survivor of domestic violence.

“Not everybody makes it out, and to see my baby girl not make it out, it’s just like, how did we miss the signs?” Wilson said.

Sometimes friends and family don’t know when someone is a victim of domestic violence.

“I’ve seen plenty of situations in which the abuser seems so likeable, so amiable, and he’s very kind to the family as well,” said Amanda Meyers, executive director of the Wichita Family Crisis Center. “There’s just no blame other than on the perpetrator.”

The heartbreak is still raw for a mom now coping with the death of her daughter.

“I miss her voice, her phone calls,” Rowe-Bronson said. “It would be her voice.”

Bronson’s family has a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral expenses.

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