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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A neighbor’s surveillance camera caught the impact that would change Patricia Findley’s life: the impact of a car crashing through her rental home.

“It was Friday night at 9:11. I got the phone call from my neighbor screaming in my ear telling me I need to hurry up and get home that someone ran through my house,” Findley said.

Seeing the crash, she feels blessed. She wasn’t home Friday night.

“We all would have been sitting on the couch and he would have killed all of us,” Findley said.

While the family wasn’t there for the crash, their dog was at home and didn’t survive the crash.

A spokesperson for the Independence Police Department confirmed that the driver was intoxicated. However, they couldn’t tell FOX4 if the driver was injured or what charges the driver may face.

“I plead to everybody don’t drink and drive,” Nicholas Findley said. “It’s not worth it. Like I said, this could be a whole different situation.”

Outside the home, you can see the tire tracks the car left in the grass before it crashed. And inside, the house is left unlivable. There’s even pieces of the car still there from the impact.

For the last two days, the family has been sifting through debris, trying to salvage what they can. And they’ve had some help.

“We have gotten a lot of assistance from the community. They helped us move stuff in the shipping containers. Helped us pack what we could pack up,” Patricia said.

With their lives packed into two shipping containers, the family is searching for a new place to call home. The family says that they’re grateful that this crash didn’t end in a tragedy.

“I have my kids. My house is destroyed, but I have my family,” Patricia said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help them when they find a new home.