Family hopeful for resolution as police dig into 20-year cold case with new radar lead

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Relatives of Star Boomer are hopeful after police conducted a second day of searching for leads in her cold case. She disappeared more than two decades ago.

KCK police continued to look for evidence Tuesday in the 20-year-old missing persons case. Detectives are interested in property near South 49th Street and Barber Avenue, where Star Boomer once lived with a boyfriend.

Police have been searching through an empty lot where there once was a home. They hope to find evidence that can explain her disappearance.

A ground penetrating radar, provided by the University of Kansas, shows there may be something in the soil where the house used to be. Police have been digging to determine what, if anything, might be there.

The 39-year-old woman was last seen in February 1999 at a bar near 49th Street and Metropolitan Avenue. Detectives reopened her cold case two years ago.

Relatives said they’re hopeful the long nightmare of not knowing what happened to Boomer may finally be coming to an end.

“Please Lord, let them find the body,” said Linda Amaro, whose sister is married to Boomer’s brother. “Give this Hardy family closure. Star Boomer! Your family deeply loves you. Girl, they miss you. They know you’re gone. But Lord they all need closure. Let them find her.”

Many neighbors along S. 49th Street, where the lot is located, told FOX4 they don’t remember Boomer. They also said, if it were their loved one, they’d be encouraged that she hasn’t been forgotten.

Shon Pernice, who is now in prison for killing his wife, was at the bar on the night Boomer was last seen. However, he has denied being involved in her disappearance.

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