Family Issues Plea for Return of Service Dog

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. -- A five-year-old Kansas girl is hoping for the return of her dog. It's not just any dog, the animal is her service dog.

Andrea Taylor is legally blind. Now, she stares out of the window of her Hutchinson home, hoping her dog Millie will be returned. Taylor's parents say Millie made their daughter's life a little easier.

"She wasn't ever going to be a normal child," said Lana Taylor, Andrea's mom. "When Millie come along she was able to have a little more independence.  Outside, she was able to run with her siblings."

The young girl suffers from Cerebral Palsy and other problems that go along with the nerve disorder. Having a service dog gave Andrea Taylor the chance to take part in every day activities with other kids.

"Sometimes with a house full of five kids we can't hear her and Millie could alert us Andrea needed help she would either bark or go back and forth to get our attention," the girl's mother said.

The kids say they saw someone pull up in a white, four-door car in front of their house. Even though they called Millie's name, she jumped in the car and the dog hasn't been see since.

"It just happened in an instant," she said. "They were all in a panic. They know how important this was to Andrea."

The dog being gone has disrupted Andrea's life. She has been crying and barely sleeps.

"She absolutely loves Millie," she said. "She has always been a good night's sleeper. She's not sleeping at night, she's crying all night long."

The Taylors have been offered another dog, but their daughter just wants Millie back. The family says they hope someone has a change of heart and returns the dog. There is a small cash reward available for whoever brings their dog back.



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