Family left in shock and heartache after someone slaughters their farm animals

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WOODRUFF COUNTY, Ark. — For 10 years, William Wiggins and his daughter  have raised their animals on their farm  in Woodruff County, Arkansas. A cheerful brood of miniature cows, miniature horses, and miniature donkeys.

Now the Wiggins family is left in shock and heartache after someone maliciously attacked the animals.

Barnyard animals they consider part of their own family.

“We’ve loved on them. Raised them on bottles. Kept them in the house when they were sick,” Wiggins explained.

Friday morning, Woodruff Co. Sheriff Phil Reynolds said deputies found out someone had attacked the animals.

“There were some animals that were killed, or slaughtered,” Sheriff Phil Reynolds said.

“When you show up at the pen to check on them in the the morning time and every one of them that you got is laying in the pen dead, from some type of wound, you just, we all cried,” Wiggins said.

One of the family’s goats was left injured, as the rest of his penmates lay dying.

“Whoever done this cowardly act to anything so innocent that’s kept in captivity,” Reynolds said, “I can say that they will be punished to the extent of the law to the fullest.”

Now the Wiggins family and the Woodruff Co. Sheriff’s Office are hoping they can get answers.

“The emotions, I mean, it’s just unreal,” Wiggins explained.

Leading them to the people responsible for taking the lives of the four-legged companions this family grew to love.

“So everybody knows how much they love their dogs and cats,” Wiggins said. “Well can you imagine losing a whole herd of them at one time?”

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