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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Less than a week after a Kansas City teenager was gunned down at a Halloween party, the community took time today to honor his life.  

That mass shooting wounded a total of six teens. Police have arrested one person, who is now charged with several crimes, including first-degree murder. 

Tonight, the family and community mourned the loss of 17-year-old Katron Harris.  

One-by-one, loved ones and best friends took the stage to shine a light on the life that he lived.

“I miss my guy, I don’t have nobody to wash cars with me no more, I got nobody to play the game with no more,” said one loved one.

“I love you Katron, everybody that was close to you loves you,” said another.

More than 100 people gathered at Newstory Church in KCK, taking time to not let the memory of this young man fade away.

From family members, friends and teachers that struggle to fathom a life without Katron Harris.

“There was not one day when he was at school that we did not talk. I would watch Katron walk down the halls every day, and there were always people around Katron. Katron had friends,” said one of Harris’s teachers.

He’s described as funny, kind and someone people gravitated towards. Now the focus turns to continuing his legacy so that light he shined never goes away.

“We’re going to finish that business he was going to start we are going to do that for Tron,” said a loved one.