KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri family is grieving after they say their loved one was murdered by their domestic abuser. 

“I don’t feel like I’ll ever be the same. I feel like a part of me went with her,” Shannon O’Laughlin, the sister of Riley O’Laughlin, said.  

The shooting happened Friday in North Kansas City at a warehouse where the young woman was working. 

Her family is remembering her life and shining a light on a very real problem in our society to hopefully save lives. 

“Riley was the person that I called and that I talked to in times like these. She knew what I was feeling before I knew it,” Shannon said.

The twin sister was devastated two days after losing the person she was closest to since day one.

“To me, she was my best at birth. She was amazing and outgoing. She was a spectacular person, and if she wanted something, she would make sure she got it in life.”

Riley O’Laughlin was 27 years old and a college graduate. Her sister says she was a hard worker and a devout Christian. 

On Friday, Shannon says her sister was at work when she became a victim of domestic violence after months and months of steady harassment.

The shooting occurred at a warehouse on East 11th Avenue and Fayette Street just after 10 a.m. 

FOX4 reached out to the North Kansas City police department to confirm the details of what exactly happened and is still waiting for a response.

“I have a lot of anger inside of me because someone or a lot of people could have prevented this,” Shannon said.

Despite the hurt and the pain, Shannon now faces life without the person who was always there for her. The person she simply never imagined having to live without. She’s remembering the moments that will have to last a lifetime.  

“We would just dance around in her car because my sister and I used to love to sing together.”  

Shannon says Riley could have a conversation with anybody, and instead of listening to the young woman who continuously brought joy to people’s lives, the O’Laughlin family is planning a funeral.

If you would like to help them, you can do so by clicking here.