Family of 15-year-old killed outside KC school want apology from district

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two women were charged Thursday in connection to the murder of a 15-year-old girl outside a KC school, but the teen’s family believes there are other people responsible for her death.

The family of Angenique Wright said there was an opportunity to save her life before she ever left Central Academy of Excellence on Tuesday night. They think missteps by the school district and security contributed to her death.

Wright’s foster brother, who witnessed the deadly shooting, told FOX4’s Shannon O’Brien what he said happened Tuesday night.

Terrion Hudson said he was with his 15-year-old sister when she got into an argument with another group of women. He said Wright and the girl she was arguing with eventually made peace.

“It was just one girl who wouldn’t stop going at it with her, so the school put them out, security put them out,” he said.

Hudson said that woman, who police said is 21-year-old Jamya Norfleet, said she had a gun and was going to shoot Wright.

“Twin let the security guard at the school know that basically the girl had threatened her life, that they had a gun outside of the school and they would shoot her,” he said.

KCPS said security escorted Norfleet and her group, including Central student Taylor McMillon, off the property. But when Wright walked out the front door, there they were.

“Security basically let her know, you are just going to have to deal with it out there, and they still kicked her out,” Hudson said. “She was literally walking out and was shot dead in front of the school building in front of the doors.”

Norfleet has been charged with second-degree murder, among other charges, and McMillon has been charged with accessory to second-degree murder in Wright’s death.

Court documents say McMillon was driving the getaway van, and Norfleet admitted to shooting the 15-year-old. She told investigators, “I let the fire go,” and that she may have overreacted and should have just left.

For Wright’s family, the charges are welcome news, but not complete closure.

“It’s a sigh of relief, but I still feel like justice hasn’t been served,” Hudson said. “We still have a fight with the superintendent and Central. We demand an apology for the superintendent’s press conference, and we demand disciplinary action against the security guards. So justice won’t be served until all of those things happen.”

KCPS Superintendent Mark Bedell was passionate in a news conference Wednesday morning where he condemned Wright’s murder.

But it’s this statement for which Wright’s family is now demanding an apology: “These shootings aren’t a KCPS problem. These kids bringing guns to school districts, that’s not a school district’s problem,” Bedell said.

The superintendent also said people can’t expect the district to solve all of the community’s problems.

Wright’s family was taken back by those words.

They believe the district is also responsible because Wright was killed on school property, right outside the Central Academy’s front doors with security nearby.

FOX4 has reached out to KCPS in regard to the family’s comments but has not heard back yet.

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