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PLEASANT HILL, Mo. — One year after her disappearance, family and friends of Echo Lloyd said they still have no closure on her disappearance.

The now 49-year-old mom of four was last seen in early May of last year. Her loves ones held a candlelight vigil Saturday evening to spread awareness about her disappearance.

The message at the event was clear: If you know something, say something. Family and friends of Lloyd said someone knows what happened to her and they’re begging for them to speak out.

“I kind of put it in the terms of it’s like living in the twilight zone,” daughter Kelsey Smith said.

The tears won’t stop flowing and the answers aren’t coming fast enough for Lloyd’s family.

“So, there’s thoughts that run through your head all day,” Smith said. “All different scenarios. What could’ve happened? Where could she possibly be?”

Smith filed the missing person’s report after not hearing from her mom for multiple days.

“It’s an everyday thing for us and it’s easy for some people to be able to put that in the back of their mind, and it be forgotten,” said Smith.

Pictures of Lloyd were spread across a table, mixed with butterflies she loved, because people who love her said she will not be forgotten.

“We definitely need people to understand that she’s still missing and she’s important,” said Smith. “She’s a human being and she’s a beautiful soul and a beautiful woman and she deserves to be home.

While Lloyd’s disappearance is still a mystery, one thing is for sure.

“We’ll never give up looking for her,” Mary Dubray, Lloyd’s cousin, said. “We love her and we believe that she deserves to be found.”

Smith said she has hope that her mom is still out there, but she’s trying to face reality.

“In all reality we know that when we bring her home, it’ll give us justice and she’ll be home where she belongs, and where she deserves to be laid to rest,” said Smith.

There is a $9,000 reward for anyone with a tip that can lead to Lloyd’s whereabouts. You’re asked to call the Missouri State Highway Patrol.