LIBERY, Mo. — The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deadly hit-and-run.

Family of the 30-year-old Liberty man who died are asking for help in finding out what happened to their loved one, urging the person responsible to come forward.

John Paul Scheidecker was a son, brother, uncle and friend.

“Full of life,” brother Luke Scheidecker said. “My brother had the personality when he walked in a room, he had an incredible smile, people loved him.”

Family said he had a heart that loved adventure. They said he worked hard for his dream property and shared it with family and friends.

But that came to a screeching halt when authorities say the 30-year-old was hit and killed by a vehicle just a few minutes from his farm.

“He was living his best life, and for it to be taken away at such a young age with so much ahead of him,” Luke said, “beyond devastated.”

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said he was hit by a vehicle and the driver did not stop. It happened on 120th Street between A Highway and Fishing River Road.

Investigators believe Scheidecker was outside his truck when it happened.

“He had pulled over and gotten out of his car, we’re not sure why,” Sarah Boyd, with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said. “He was struck by another vehicle that left the scene.”

Boyd said they got a call about a body lying in the street just before 4 a.m. She said it’s still unclear when exactly Scheidecker was hit. They’re piecing together a timeline.

“Why did someone keep driving? Why didn’t they stop, even if it was an accident? What caused them to keep going? How long did he lay there for?”

Luke hopes this confusion leads to closure – and that means answers.

Boyd said they need people to step forward with information.

“If someone came home with unexplained damage to their vehicle we want to know about that, particularly someone who might be traveling in that area,” Boyd said. “Or if you thought you struck a large animal during that time, and maybe it wasn’t that.”

Meantime, Like said they’re left feeling a mixed bag of emotions — missing his brother’s adventurous heart.

“Devastated, crushed, angry, confused. we would like answers about what happened that night, even if it was an accident. like what happened. My brother deserves that. Our family deserves that, his friends deserve that,” Luke said.

He has a message for the person responsible.

“For our family’s sake for their personal sake, I think coming forward and doing the right thing will go a long way and giving peace to everybody including themselves,” Luke said.

Boyd said any information is helpful. You can call the Clay County Sheriff’s Office or remain anonymous and call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.