CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — Jennifer Hall is currently in jail awaiting her sentencing on involuntary manslaughter charges for two deaths that happened at the Hedrick Medical Center in 2002.

“If she’s still walking around, ya know, and all these families have suffered,” Sherri Harper, the widow of David Harper, said in an interview with FOX4. “We don’t get our loved ones back.”

David was supposed to be released from the hospital on March 20, 2002. Sherri said that David stayed an extra night to take part in a sleep study. He died on March 22. 

“The only thing I’ve always wondered is if she’s sorry,” Sherri continued talking about Hall. “Is she sick or is she evil? I mean, does it bother her?”

Hall’s attorney Molly Hastings didn’t comment on the situation. According to a probable cause statement, Hall was found with a vial of succinylcholine in her pocket after the death. The probable cause statement says succinylcholine can cause victims to suffocate. 

As part of a plea agreement finalized this April, Hall plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of Fern Franco and Coval Gann.

The first-degree murder charge for the death involving Harper has been dismissed.

Hall worked at the Hedrick Medical Center from December 2001 to May 2002. During her short stint there, there were 18 incidents of cardiac collapse or ‘code blues.’ In those 18 incidents, nine patients died. 

“I’m glad she got something instead of just walking away from this,” David’s stepson Marvin Maupin said of the involuntary manslaughter charges.

“She’s not getting what she should by no means, especially after what you read. You know, standing there and watching, knowing he’s dying, and he’s still alive, suffering because that would be one hell of a way to die. I’m telling ya, knowing that you’re dying, and when your killer’s there, looking right at you.”

Warren said Hall could serve up to 18 years in prison. He believes she’ll be sentenced either in late June or early July. 

Earlier this year though, Hall had faced two first-degree murder charges. 

Livingston County Prosecutor Adam Warren said it’d be hard to convict Hall on first-degree murder in these cases because the witnesses in several of them have died.