KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Police Department reached a wrongful death settlement agreement with the family of a man shot and killed by police in 2019.

Terrence Bridges‘ family reached a $5 million settlement agreement, according to attorney Tom Porto.

This agreement represents the police department’s acknowledgment of the tragic and significant loss to the family of Terrence Bridges that this incident caused. Despite this tragedy, we recognize that police officers have difficult jobs and are frequently faced with making split-second life or death decisions. The family is grateful that they are now able to put this matter behind them.

Tom Porto

On May 25, 2019, Bridges and his girlfriend were involved in an argument that prompted her to call police. She told police he had a gun.

A neighbor saw Bridges begin to kick the door of the home where he lived with his girlfriend and a fight started.

After midnight, officers who were nearby working a separate armed disturbance call thought the two calls were related because they had no suspect description.

The officers began to canvass the area and found Bridges’ girlfriend who told them he was going to the bus station.

One officer stayed behind while the others went to the station.

The officer that stayed behind saw Bridges and began to chase him. The officer found him between two nearby houses and shot him in the chest.

Before the shooting, there was no conversation between the two and the officer never gave verbal commands for Bridges to put his hands up or drop a weapon. There was no weapon found on Bridges and no weapon found in a canvass after the shooting.

A grand jury declined to indict the officer for voluntary manslaughter.