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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The family of a man last seen on Father’s Day is waiting for answers. They say the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department isn’t doing enough to catch his killer, but the department disagrees.

Justin Siwek, 32, hasn’t been in touch with his family since late June. They believe at this point he is dead but his body has never been found and no one is charged in the case. However, his disappearance is surrounded by what his family is calling concerning circumstances. They believe KCKPD has the information they need to move forward with the case.

Two months ago FOX4 spoke with Siwek’s father, Scott, who took possession of his son’s badly damaged car which they found abandoned in the parking lot of a Days Inn in KCK off I-70 and N. 78th Street.

“If you want to talk about seeing your heart break. As soon as I seen this I knew there was foul play,” Siwek said.

Now, his mother, Samantha Siwek, and aunt, Malinda Sidebottom, say their patience is growing thin.

“Help us,” Samantha Siwek said. “It’s like your soul, my heart, was ripped right out of me. This is my first-born son, and he also was my friend. I had him at 17-years-old. We grew up together.”

“We know he’s gone, and we can’t find him,” Sidebottom said. “They didn’t act like it was a big deal. He’s thirty-some-years-old, he’s missing, he left his car here – whatever. We’ll get back to you in a couple weeks.”

Justin Siwek

Siwek was last seen on Father’s Day outside of the Days Inn in Kansas City, Kansas. His dad said they tracked him to the hotel, but when they got there they found his car abandoned and empty with the window pried open, and the glass broken.

He was supposed to go to Hillsdale Lake with his dad and son that day, but when they woke up Justin was gone. Later in the day several family members got concerning calls from him at the hotel, but by the time they could rush over he was nowhere to be found.

The family said based on messages police showed them from his Facebook, they believe he was lured to the hotel by a woman, then robbed and murdered.

“I don’t sleep. My mind is constantly racing on where is my son’s body and closure for our family and friends and his son,” his mom said.

Days after he was last seen the family said the same woman put his iPhone up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Police planned to do a sting to purchase the phone, but it was canceled at the last minute. They say the reason police gave for cancelling it was safety for everyone involved.

“Money. Car. It wasn’t worth his life by any means,” Siwek said.

Kansas City, Kansas Police were not available to comment at the time of this report, but previously told FOX4 they need people to come forward with information and they understand the family’s frustration. They also could not comment if the woman who tried to sell the phone has been questioned in this case. She is currently in jail on unrelated charges.

“While we cannot speak to specific details in the case of Justin Siwek’s disappearance without compromising the integrity of the investigation, we do want to say that [we] understand the emotion and frustration that his family, and the families of other missing persons, experience. Detectives with the KCKPD are both skilled and dedicated.  However, it takes more than skill and dedication to solve these difficult cases – it takes cooperation from people who have important information. It is our belief that there are people within our community who have information regarding Justin’s disappearance, and unless or until they share that information, we will all continue to wait.”

Previous statement from Kansas City, Kansas Police

“Maybe it’s not the most important thing to every detective or every person in Kansas City but it’s important to us. You just want someone to care enough to even look at that, go and talk to these people. They know where they live,” Sidebottom said.

Siwek’s family said they know he’s gone, but for them the hardest part is knowing his seven-year-old son, Jayce, will grow up without his dad. They say he raised him as a single father from the time he was born with help from his parents, and now his son doesn’t understand where he is.

“He misses his dad. He thinks that his dad got kidnapped by somebody he talked to, because you’re not supposed to talk to strangers and his dad talked to people too much. For a seven year old he needs to have a place. A place to go, a funeral,” Sidebottom said. “We’ll never see him again. When they find his body, wherever they put him – in the river or they buried him. We’ll never see him again. That’s the hardest part. I feel like he didn’t die for nothing.”

“I gotta look at this kid in the eyes and say some girl lured your dad out the day before Father’s Day and he may never come home. You don’t think this could happen to you, but here we are,” Scott Siwek said. “We get a lot of questions of where’s my daddy? And I don’t have the answer. I’m leaving it up to the Kansas City, Kansas Police to do their job. Hoping that they do, and that’s all we can do.”

KCKPD did say the family has been assigned a victim’s advocate in this case, which is rare for a missing person’s case. They say this speaks to the fact that they have and will continue to dedicate considerable resources and effort to the case.

The family disagrees and says they call the detective on the case each Monday but usually get their voicemail. Siwek said she’s left multiple messages for the victim’s advocate, but has never talked to them or received a call back.

“We’re going to do everything we can and never give up. Someday we’ll bring him home,” Sidebottom said.

If you have any information about what happened to Justin Siwek you are asked to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477. The family says he was last seen at QuickTrip near the Days Inn off Elizabeth Ave. in KCK on Father’s Day around noon.