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CASS COUNTY, Mo. — It’s been 10 months since a mother of two was killed in a hit-and-run; her family says the man that did it is getting off easy.

Twenty-year-old Cody Alford was at the courthouse in Harrisonville on Monday morning. FOX 4 got video of him driving away after a judge read him his charges. He’s out on bond.

Megan Wheeler, 32, was killed last September, a couple miles north of Harrisonville. Deputies said she was walking home when someone in a truck hit her and drove off. A few days later, police said Alford crashed his truck into a tree. Investigators were able to connect truck parts from both scenes together.

Monday, Lance and Sharon Wheeler stood together outside the Cass County courthouse after listening to a judge read charges against 20-year-old Cody Alford.

“This has been a long process. To get to this point, as a father, as a community — I don’t think we agree that these are enough,” Lance Wheeler said.

Alford is facing two felonies: leaving the scene of the crime and tampering with evidence. At most, he could spend four years behind bars. Wheeler’s family said that doesn’t come close to making up for the loss of a Scout mom, a volunteer, a simple country girl who loved her family.

“She did anything she could possibly do to protect her children. She would do without to make sure that the kids had whatever they needed,” Lance Wheeler said.

Megan’s parents said they’re grateful for the support from the people of Cass County, though they hope the right people in the system will hear their joint message.

“Megan’s life was taken from her us. Megan’s life was taken from her kids. And we’re very concerned that these are minimal charges compared to, in our minds, what they should’ve been,” Lance said.

Cody Alford’s grandfather spoke briefly with FOX 4’s Megan Dillard after the hearing. He said there is blame and hurt on both sides and that he feels for Megan Wheeler’s family. His next appearance is a hearing at the end of August.