Family Raises Awareness of Juvenile Diabetes

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SHAWNEE, Kan. — Dodge for a Cause was held on Sunday to raise money for research for Juvenile Diabetes. Emmy Williams, 5, and her family attended the tournament.

The dodgeball tournament is more than just fun and games for many of the competitors. For Dwight Williams it’s personal.

“We are checking her blood sugar 7-10 times a day giving her insulin through her pump every time she eats or has high blood sugar,” Williams said. “Its’ a never ending constant 24/7, 7 days a week battle.”

Williams’ daughter Emmy was diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was two-years-old.

“I have to check my blood sugar when I eat,” Emmy said.

She learned to do it herself when she was only three-years-old.

Night time is the scariest for the Williams family.

“Last night i was up almost every hour until 4 a.m. then I slept for 2 hours because I just  lowered the amount of insulin coming out of her pump,” said Emmy’s mom. “Her blood sugar kept dropping I kept waking up and giving her milk and juice and getting her blood sugars up to a safe range.”

Dodge for a Cause is focused on finding a cure. Janelle Ryals is a diabetes researcher who competed in Sunday’s tournament. She is also Emmy’ aunt.

“The more we study type one diabetes, we realize how complicated this disease is,” said researcher Janelle Ryals. “Learning the causes, treatments and preventions is priority…also to find a cure. But we need to keep these people alive and help them have as normal as a life as possible until we find a cure.”

Some of the symptoms for type one diabetes are extreme fatigue, unexplained weight loss, excessive thirst and frequent urination. Any combination of these symptoms, especially in a child is reason to see your doctor.

Emmy currently attends kindergarten which is a little difficult for her vigilant mom who strives to educate others on the severity of the life-threatening disease and holds out hope that all who fight it can dodge the bullet until a cue is found.

“That really is the goal of all the fundraising that one day there will be a cure and we wont have to wake up at 2 a.m. and check her blood sugar or change the insulin site every other day,” said Cristen Williams.

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