KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Charges have been filed in the case of a 16-year-old who was killed and then dumped on the other side of the state line.

That teenager was killed more than nine years ago. Now, Deleisha Kelley’s family is both relieved and concerned with the investigation.

Vinson Smith, Kelley’s uncle, said he still remembers the day he got the news that the young girl he loved was gone. Since then, it’s never been the same.

“It was a big shock, can’t believe it happened,” Smith said. “Christmas times they haven’t been the same not just because oh it’s Christmas but it kind of happened at Christmas time – she was found at that time. So for years we kind of didn’t have Christmas.”

Kelley was known as Dee Dee. Her body was found in Kansas City, Missouri, in the area of 24th Street and Monroe Avenue near an abandoned building on Dec. 21, 2014.

Fast forward to Jan 4, 2023, the state of Kansas charged Billy Dupree with first-degree premeditated murder in her death.

FOX4 has confirmed with the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s Office that Billy Dupree is related to current prosecutor Mark Dupree, though they wouldn’t tell us their relation.

“Of course, it’s a relief to finally have found the accused,” Smith said.

KCPD investigated the case, but then realized it happened in KCK and passed the case over to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Court documents list more than 100 witnesses, including former KCK Police Chief Terry Zeigler.

“Everything’s been known from day one — nothing happened. I’m sure we’re not the first family this has happened to, but that’s the biggest thing. OK, I guess we’re finally being heard or something has been heard,” Smith said.