Family reacts to arrest in KCK murder of mom and 2 kids

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The arrest of a triple homicide suspect is leaving the victims’ family asking a lot of questions. “I don’t know why.” Ana Rodriguez said, an aunt of two of the victims. “I mean that’s when I wanna know I wanna know why he did it.” Rodriguez is talking about 31 year-old Ismael Caballero. He is in police custody and being held on a first degree murder charge in connection with the deaths of 31 year-old Yazmine Rodriguez and two of her children. Their bodies were found in a burning house Monday morning. Firefighters noticed smoke coming from Rodriguez’s home near North Mill Street and Central Avenue. Inside they found her body along with the bodies of her two children, 14 year-old Amerikha and 10 year-old JeanCarols. Kansas City, Kansas, police confirm Caballero and Rodriguez had a previous relationship.
Rodriguez’s family members say they also recognize Caballero’s picture. “She dated him for a little bit that was pretty much it I mean we didn’t, we didn’t talk to her about her personal life,” Yhaaira Rodriguez said, Yazmine’s ex-sister-in-law and the children’s aunt. Now her family says they wish they knew more about her life. “I wish that when I was calling my niece and she wasn’t answering that I would’ve went over to their house. But I didn’t and now it’s too late. She`s gone,” Zaida Rodriguez said, another of the children’s aunts. Rodriguez’ family says it was unusual for Amerikha to not answer the phone or call back. They now believe they know why they could not reach her. “Did he have them all day? Like what did he do to them all day for them not to answer us. Like there was not even a text not even like I`ll call you back or I`m busy, I`ll text you later. Not even, it was just no answer,” Ana Said. Police recommended prosecutors charge Caballero with the deaths of Rodriguez’s  and two of her children.  He has not officially been charged in the crime, but the Wyandotte County District Attorney’s office is reviewing the case.

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