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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The family of a young father killed by a hit and run driver on Interstate 70 is speaking for the first time exclusively with FOX 4. Someone hit James Warren nearly two weeks ago near I-70 and Pittman.

On Tuesday night, his family and friends held a vigil at Stone Gate Apartments.

“We lost our mom six years ago, so it was just me and him… it`s tough,” said Christopher Brown.

He’s still mourning loss of his younger brother James, who was killed around 3 a.m. on October 30th.

“I’ve been taking care of my brother ever since he was three years old,” added Brown.

Police have since confirmed that the man killed was 32-year-old Warren, a single dad, and father of three.

“They`re still trying to accept the reality that he`s no longer here,” Brown added about his brother’s three kids.

“He`s an outstanding father, he did his own daughter`s hair, he learned how to do hair just to do their hair,” said ‪LaKiya Broadus‬, James’ first cousin.

James’ cousins say he was like a brother to them, and say there are so many unanswered questions.

“We`re not able to get any closure, because we just don`t know what happened,” said ‪LaShiya Ellis‬, another cousin, “We don`t know why he was crossing the highway at this time of morning, we don`t know if someone was there.”

“The door was left wide open, and his cell phone was left on the porch,” added Ellis.

“We would like to know, have that closure, not just for us, but eventually for the children also, because they`re little now, but they`re going to grow up and they`re going to want to know what really happened,” ‪Broadus‬ said.

Besides his own kids, James’ family says he lived with a family friend and her three kids. Everyone was asleep when he was killed.

“We don`t know if somebody was awake at this time, somebody saw anything, heard anything, even the person that hit him, you know, if you hit a human body and you keep going… I know you know you felt your car hit someone,” said Ellis. “Nobody stopped.”

Chris says James’ kids were his first priority –he wouldn’t just leave them.

“He would do anything for those kids, he may not always have the means, but he always made sure they had food on the table, clothes on their back,” Brown said.

Now Brown is adjusting to taking care of his own kids, along with his brother’s. The family says if you saw anything that night, to contact the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. The funeral is this coming Saturday.