Family renovating home makes ghastly discovery behind walls

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AUBURN, Pa. — A family working to add insulation to a room in their home found the space was already filled, and were “shocked, horrified, and disgusted” at the discovery.

Sister station WNEP reports that the Bretzius family found dozens of dead animal carcasses wrapped in old newspapers and half-used spices among other things, and the work to remove all of it is draining their bank account. Mom Kaija Bretzius said they initially found four carcasses in the walls in 2012, and keep finding more, even after having the home inspected before they moved in.

“We got the radon inspection. We looked for everything. We didn’t know how to look for chickens,” she told WNEP. “It has been horrifying because it has completely drained our savings.”

WNEP reports that because the unwanted items were there before the family purchased a home insurance policy, it’s not covered. The family says they’ve spent $20,000 to resolve the issue and fallen sick due to mold. Seeking answers, Bretzius said she sent some of what was found to an expert.

“What they call ‘pow-wowing’ or ‘dutch magic.’ They used this to heal ailments,” she said.

The family says their problem won’t be resolved anytime soon as they still have to tear out more walls to see if there are more dead animals. Bretzius says they don’t have the resources to rip out a tub wall where they know there are more to remove.

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