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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The family of a Midtown cyclist killed in a crash is speaking out about the legacy he’s leaving.

Pablo Sanders Jr. was hit by a car on Southwest Trafficway late Christmas Eve. He was in a coma for days, and died on Monday.

“He was extremely proud of it, and that was his life,” Pablo’s cousin Loren Murrell said. “I was excited to see him be so passionate about that.”

Murrell and Pablo Sanders Sr. said bikes and friends were everything to him.

“He bound to anyone he came into contact with, found some common point whatever that might be, and became a part of their life,” Sanders said.

Sanders was well known in the Kansas City Critical Mass community, leading sometimes hundreds on a monthly ride through the city.

“He’s the glue in the community for sure,” Murrell said. “If he met you he wanted to make sure you knew that you were seeen, you were recognized, and you were loved.”

His dad said the last time he saw his son was Christmas Eve, and he was expecting to see him in the morning.

“My wife tells me he said he would be there,” Sanders said. “Next day comes, and he wasn’t there.”

Police said Pablo was hit by a driver when he was cycling on Southwest Trafficway at Valentine. The driver stayed with him, but his dad said he was in a coma from the time of the incident. He died on December 30 at the age of 31.

Hundreds took to their bikes on Jan. 1 to honor Pablo in a ride to his favorite spots around the city. Both men said the outpouring of support and love was overwhelming.

“To be gone before your time and have that big of an impact says a lot,” Murrell said.

“It said I probably did some right things,” Sanders said.

Now in death, Pablo is giving health and life to others.

“I was told he also could have tissue donated up to 45 people,” Sanders said. “So I’m thinking 45 plus five. That’s 50 people he could potentially impact. Couldn’t be prouder.”

Including one person, who has his heart.

“I love you, kid,” Sanders said.

His dad is asking for anyone who has a story of how Pablo impacted their life to write it out and send it to him. He wants to hear the detailed stories of the moments people remember most.

“I want all of them. I want every person who knew him who feels they have a story worthy of him to write something and get it to me,” Sanders said. “The purpose is I want everyone who receives an organ from him to get a copy of that, and I want to have the book bound, and at some point when I know who they are for everyone to get that so they know where it came from.”

If you would like to send a letter to Pablo’s father, you can email it to