Family Struggles to Bury Second Child in Eight Months

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Every parent's worst fear is having their child die before they do. Strange circumstances have caused that to happen twice to two Kansas City parents in the last seven months.

Allen Hilburn, Jr., 33, died 11 days ago while stringing cable from a utility pole as a Comcast contractor. His family says the medical examiner can't figure out how he died.

"I feel like my son is in limbo. He's not here. He's not there yet. He's not where he should be, resting," said Sharon Boone, mother.

Boone never thought she'd have to bury two of her children.

"They called for him and he won't respond," she said. "The owner told me they found him in the bottom of his bucket all curled in a fetal position."

Eight months ago, Boone faced another funeral when a man murdered her 38-year-old daughter, Bambi, at the Bullet Hole Shooting Range in Overland Park. Police say Bambi's killer immediately turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

"Never, never again this soon," Boone said. "With them both being so suddenly, it's like I have one daughter left. What did I do to have two kids taken from me so suddenly?"

Paying to bury Allen Jr. has proven difficult for the family so soon after dealing with the first tragedy. Allen Sr. says the family has raised about $3,000 of the $7,000 they need.

"I've been in shock super bad," said Allen Sr. "My daughter, surviving daughter, she's had emotional breakdowns left and right because she feels guilty, she's the last survivor. This is driving her crazy because they all three grew up together."

So far, an autopsy hasn't been able to determine what killed Allen Jr. The family assumes he may have been electrocuted.

Those interested in helping the Boones cover burial costs, call 816-924-8700 or mail donations to:

E.S. Eley & Sons Funeral Chapel North
Allen Ray Hilburn Jr. Fund
Attn: Elliott S. Eley II.
4707 E. Truman Road
Kansas City, Mo. 64127



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