Devastated family warns others after dog was legally shot and killed by neighbor

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PAOLA, Kan. — German shepherd shot and killed by neighbors without legal repercussions

What would you do, and how would you feel if your dog ran onto your neighbor’s property, and then your neighbor shot your dog?

A local family says they were told in certain situations that scenario is legal, and they want others to be aware.

“It was kind of their baby before a baby, which they`re having in about nine months,” said Brandon Hermreck, whose brother, Blake, and sister-in-law, Katie, are devastated.

Their two-year-old German shepherd, Mack, was shot to death by a neighbor.

“The son of the neighbor pulled out a 9mm and shot at Mack, killing Mack,” said Hermreck.

A few days ago in Paola, Katie was taking her two German Shepherds, Mack and Diesel, for a walk.

“Upon their return to the house, underneath the car port they found the neighbor’s dog,” Hermreck said. “Mack and Diesel chased after the dog, off our property, onto that dog`s property.”

Hermreck says Katie chased after them calling them back.

“A short while later, she heard, ‘shoot them, shoot them,’” said Hermreck.

Mack didn’t return. The police were called, but the Hermrecks were told there was nothing they could do.

“According to the animal cruelty statute, if an animal is harming persons, livestock, or other domestic animals, you do have the right to protect your property,” said Detective Sergeant Scott Fisher, with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office.

Fisher says in this particular instance, there will be no repercussions for killing Mack, as the neighbors say Mack was attacking their little dog, and was considered a vicious dog.

“I don`t know why you wouldn’t shoot to the side, or try shooing, persistent shooing, but for whatever reason, he chose to shoot to kill,” said Hermreck.

Hermreck says another neighbor has a retired German shepherd police dog.

“They allege that, that dog has done harm to them in the past, and I think that`s who they thought they were shooting,” Hermreck said.

He says he understands if they`re frustrated from previous experiences with other animals, but still doesn’t think killing Mack was the answer.

FOX 4 spoke to those neighbors on Monday, who declined to go on camera, but say they have a right to protect their own animals.

According to the police report, the neighbor was too scared to get in the middle of the large dogs, fearing she may get hurt.

The police say the little Pomeranian dog, who was allegedly cornered by the German shepherds, was shaking but unharmed when they arrived.



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