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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Not only is the upcoming Chiefs vs. Broncos game the talk of the town, the chances of the Chiefs beating the Broncos in Denver on Sunday is also stirring up debate nationwide.

“Positive that they will beat the Broncos,” said James Ellington of Kansas City, Missouri.

“Denver’s tough, but I think Kansas City is better,” said Jason Sutley, who lives in Atchison, Kansas.

Ray Toms, a native of Denver, Colorado said, “I don’t think it’s going to happen in Denver, maybe in Kansas City.”

The Broncos have the NFL’s highest scoring offense, while the Chiefs have allowed fewer points than any other team this season. But everyone has an opinion, including a Denver rapper that is weighing in on the competition.

‘The way Peyton reading defense you’re about to catch a beating,” rapper ‘The Mad Fanatic’ says in his song titled “Dorothy.”

The song hits at the Chiefs for having the weakest schedule in the NFL, according to Football Outsiders’ metrics.

“You all ain’t ready…you been beatin’ chumps. I know you undefeated,
but you lead the league in punts,” the rapper continues in his song.

But Kansas City native Bryan Necessary, who now lives in Seattle, Washington says: “I’d say the worst 9-0 in history can beat Denver this weekend.”

“Click your heels twice — I bet you all wishin’ that you could go back to Kansas,” The Mad Fanatic continues.

A self-proclaimed Denver Superfan, The Mad Fanatic said he did do his research and is well aware of the fact the Chiefs play in Missouri.

On his YouTube webpage he says, “I realize Kansas City plays in Missouri (although I didn’t know until after I finished the song).”

“The reason I still put the song out is because I clarify every time I say it, ‘Dorothy your not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy your not in Kansas…City.’ To me it still works. Its really a metaphor about ‘Dorothy’ not being in her comfort zone (home) (Kansas CITY in the Chiefs’ case) or her comfort zone of playing a sub par team or the comfort zone of playing a journeyman backup quarterback,” he wrote.

But even some who have done their due diligence still aren’t bursting with confidence in the team that’s allowed fewer points than any other this season.

“They do, but not with Peyton Manning and the way he is playing right now at home at Mile High, you can’t beat it there,” said Toms

The Chiefs may be in Colorado this weekend. and after relaxing on during their bye may have never thought they were in Kansas anyway, despite the rapper’s assertion.