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GREENWOOD, Mo. — Greenwood police arrested a man who walked into the police department Monday morning and said he drowned his child.

The incident happened around 10:11 a.m.

Officers rushed to the pond and located the 6-month-old child. Cpl. Calhoun used CPR to get the child to breathe normally.

The two Greenwood officers then removed all wet clothing from the child to attempt to warm it. Chief Hallgrimson removed his uniform shirt and placed it on the child for added warmth.

Police said the child was underwater for 5 to 7 minutes.

Lee’s Summit Fire Department also responded to the scene and transported the child for medical care.  The child is, “now in good health at the hospital.”

Police arrested the child’s father. They said he gave a confession and explained his motive to police which they are not releasing to the public at this time. He is being held at the Jackson County Jail.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office is handling the case. Charges are expected to be filed later on Monday.