KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Court documents say a Kansas City-area father discovered the vehicle where police would soon find his 24-year-old son’s body.

Adam Blackstock, of Grandview, was found dead Tuesday inside a vehicle near E. 46th Street and Montgall Avenue in Kansas City.

According to search warrants filed in court, Blackstock’s father called police to the area. He said he hadn’t been able to reach his son since Sunday, which was unusual behavior, and had located his son’s vehicle under a car cover.

Officers got in contact with a woman inside the home, who said the vehicle belonged to her uncle. Although Blackstock’s father disputed this, the woman’s uncle confirmed it was his vehicle and ultimately gave police permission to remove the vehicle from the property.

The search warrant says before towing it away, officers saw a bullet hole in the driver’s seat, as well as blood in the front passenger seat, on the floor behind the passenger seat, and outside the vehicle.

Kansas City police towed the vehicle back to a patrol station and found Blackstock’s body in the rear cargo area, search warrants say. Police said before the vehicle was towed, the 24-year-old’s body had been covered up.

Police also executed a search warrant for the car cover that was on the vehicle and other DNA evidence on the property.

On Wednesday, a KCPD spokesperson said the case is now considered a homicide based on the evidence detectives found at the scene.

Anyone with information is asked to call KCPD’s Homicide Unit at 816-234-5043 or the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477 to remain anonymous.