Three-year-old brother and sister twins drown in pond behind Platte County home

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EDGERTON, Mo — Three-year-old twins are dead after wandering into a lake next to the home they lived in with their father and grandparents.

A spokesperson for the Platte County Sheriff’s Department says they received a 911 call just after 10 Monday morning from the father of Arrabelle and Elijah Wagner. He said when he woke up, the three-year-old twins were gone.

Arrabelle and Elijah Wagner both drowned at a pond near their Platte County home.

When EMS and the Fire Department arrived, Arrabelle had already been recovered from the water and was receiving CPR. The toddler girl was taken to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. Elijah was recovered from the water by rescue crews and pronounced dead at the scene.

Emily Rule’s house is one of the half dozen houses that back up to the pond where the twins drowned.

“Breaks my heart, it’s really sad. Like, I can’t believe that happened right there, you know?” Rule said. “I didn’t see them fall on or anything but knowing that it could happen at any time, there’s lots of kids around here.”

Rule has two children, three and four years old.

“Seeing a little child, I have a kid the same age, that’s now not with us makes you sick to your stomach, you know?”

Investigators say they believe the drowning was accidental.

Family has set up an account at US Bank where people can make donations to the account “Arrabelle and Elijah Wagner.” Funds will be used for their funeral.

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