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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The father of a 3-year-old boy who was killed in a high-profile murder is now facing charges for shooting two people at a Kansas City gas station, including one suspected in his son’s death.

In 2017, Marcus Haislip III was shot and killed when a gunman opened fire on the car he was in at E. 54th Street and Park Avenue. The little boy was riding with his father and uncle.

More than two years later, no one has been formally charged in the 3-year-old’s death.

But now, his father, 23-year-old Marcus Haislip Jr., has been charged for allegedly shooting a man officials confirm was a prime suspect in the 3-year-old’s murder.

Haislip faces two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm in Jackson County.

Court documents say at about 11:50 p.m. on Nov. 29, police were called to a Shell Xpress Mart gas station on Broadway. That’s where they discovered that two people, a security guard and a customer, had been shot multiple times. Both victims survived.

Detectives recovered seven spent 9mm shell casings and multiple spent bullets and bullet fragments.

After talking with both victims, police said Haislip allegedly walked into the gas station and began shooting at the customer inside. He then noticed the guard by the door and allegedly shot at him as well, court records say.

The gas station customer, who refused to cooperate with police’s investigation, told investigators he didn’t know the suspect and thought he was an unintended target.

But an ATF spokesperson confirmed to FOX4 that the customer was actually a suspect in the killing of Haislip’s son in 2017. ATF submitted a case against the man a few months ago after a joint investigation with KCPD — but he was never charged.

KCPD’s court documents don’t get into the connection between Haislip and the customer however.

Detectives went on to determine that just minutes before the gas station shooting, surveillance footage showed a silver GMC Acadia pull into the parking lot and park in multiple shots, but no one ever got in or out before the SUV drove off.

Court documents say less than a minute later, Haislip is seen walking into surveillance cameras’ view, coming from the same direction where the SUV drove off.

The footage confirms the victims’ accounts of the shooting, according to police.

The surveillance video also showed a unique placard on the Acadia’s temporary license plate. Police traced it to a specific local car dealership, who told investigators they had just sold an Acadia the day of the shooting. The address the buyer provided traced back to Haislip’s uncle’s home, court documents say.

Court documents say another detective thought the suspect seen in surveillance video from the Shell station looked like Haislip. The detective said he recognized him from prior investigations and contacts.

The real break in the gas station shooting came last week when police got a tip through their new Busted feature on the department’s website. An anonymous tipster recognized Haislip and reported to police, according to police.

After obtaining a warrant, cell phone records also put Haislip’s phone in the area at the shooting.

He was arrested on Monday and is being held in the Jackson County jail on a $75,000 cash-only bond.