Father of missing runner: ‘God can see him’

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LIBERTY, Mo. — FOX 4 returned to Liberty Thursday morning as volunteers gathered to search again for Chad Rogers, 30, the Liberty father and husband who hasn’t come home from a Monday night run.

Rogers is a marathon runner. His father, Greg Rogers, with whom Chad, his wife, and one-year old son live, spoke to FOX 4 on Thursday as volunteers were preparing for another day of searching.

Rogers was there when Chad left for the run.

“About 8:15, he came down and said he was going to go for a run,” Greg said. “At that point, 10:30, it’s been two and a half hours and he’s not back. You start to get concerned, so I got in my car and started driving around, thinking he’s right around the corner.”

Greg Rogers said he’s humbled and moved that so many strangers have come to Liberty from afar to help find his son.

“People I don’t even know. I met a woman from Lee’s Summit. They’re about to go on vacation and their son just wanted to come up and help,” he said. “It’s been very, very humbling knowing people care.”

FOX 4’s Matt Stewart asked him how the family is holding up.

“It’s up and down,” he answered. “We have our moments, but we’re living by our faith right now and just knowing God can see him; I’d love to have God’s eyes for just a second.”

Watch the video above for more of the conversation with Greg Rogers.

For past coverage on Chad Rogers, click here. For more on search efforts visit Liberty Christian Fellowship Church’s website: lcfliberty.org.



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