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KANSAS CITY, Mo – A father leaves behind his two small kids when a bail bondsman comes knocking on his door Monday.

Kevin Vetsch said he was bringing in 33-year-old Christopher Herald for failing to appear on a driving without a license ticket in Cass County.

Vetsch said he went to the home on James A Reed Road. Herald was home, but said he needed to wait for his wife to come home from work to watch the kids.

Vetsch said Herald went back in the home. About a half hour later, Vestch checked on the man again but the children told him their dad left.

Vetsch called the Department of Family Services and police.

All the while, you could see the children through the windows.

“It’s takes a different kind of person to leave your children alone and abandoned. He abandoned his children because he didn’t want to take care of his stuff, so I don’t know, you pray for those kids,” Vetsch said.

Police eventually picked up mom from work because she was dropped off. She didn’t want to speak on camera but told Fox 4 she has three kids, and the ones at home at the time were two and four years old.

She said this is not her husband’s nature. She said she thinks her husband took of because the family’s handyman Michael Reynolds was around to care for the kids.

Reynolds said he has worked for the family for about a month, but has known the family longer than that.

“I put my word on it that’s there’s no funny business going on. That dude is solid, he’s never done anything fishy that I know of anyway,” Reynolds said.

Police said they felt picking up mom was the most logical solution, partly because they did not find the kids living under terrible circumstances.

Police said DFS will check on the family Tuesday, as standard protocol.

It’s not clear what charges Herald will face, if any.