Father Shoots Daughter’s Computer Over Facebook Post

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ALBEMARLE, N.C. -- It's a style that's probably not going to win many "Parent of the Year" awards, but this may be the last time daughters of gun-toting dads take liberties with their freedom of speech on Facebook.

Tommy Jordan of North Carolina recently posted a YouTube video on Facebook, calling out his daughter for a Facebook post she thought her parents couldn't see. According to Jordan, this isn't the first time his 15-year-old daughter has abused her Internet privileges.

"I would have thought that with a father that works in IT for a living, you'd have better sense than to do it again."

Jordan explains he found the hidden Facebook post while upgrading his daughter's computer. And it apparently ticked him off.

"Since you want to hide it from everyone, I'm going to share it with everybody," he says in the video.

And he did. According to Jordan, his daughter's hidden Facebook post was titled "To My Parents." He read it in its entirety. The bulk of his daughter's message was complaining about having to do chores, wake up at 5 and go to sleep at 10.

"You don't have that hard a life, but you're about to," Jordan said. "I warned you months ago about what would happen if you did something like this on Facebook again."

In the video Jordan explains the last time his daughter posted something he considered inappropriate on Facebook she was grounded from her phone, the computer and Facebook altogether.

"I told you if it ever happened again, it would be a lot worse," Jordan said. "I was really close that day to putting a bullet through your laptop. I don't know how to say how disappointed I am in you and how disrespectful you were to every single adult in your life, but, kid, you got it easy -- way easy. It's about to get harder. It's about to get a whole lot harder today."

And with that, Jordan gets out of his chair, grabs his gun, turns the camera around and shoots his daughter's laptop. Multiple times.

After posting the video, Jordan received a variety of comments -- for and against his actions. One in particular criticizes him for saying the word "ass." He responded on Facebook saying:

"I’ll agree that wasn’t a good example of me as a father. I had been reading that post again and again for about an hour, sometimes in tears, other times so mad my hands were shaking and I was trying very hard to be civil in my message. I slipped in that and said a word I shouldn’t have. I deserve a little backlash for that, no doubt."

Jordan later goes on to say that although he doesn't regret shooting his daughter's laptop, he does regret leaving the video up on Facebook long enough to "cause a stir."

"However at this time I feel that if I took the post or the video down, I'd just make it appear that we're running in shame from it, and we're not," his Facebook page read.

Jordan went on to say the social attention has helped him and his daughter "deal with it." He assured the public his daughter is fine. He said he let her read some of the Facebook comments his video received and admitted that at first it was upsetting, but eventually the whole thing became funny to them.

People who were shown the video by FOX 4 had mixed reactions to it, as some say that Jordan was right in his actions while others say that he went too far.

"Hey If I were him I'd do it too. I think it's funny that she would put something up there like that," said Kristen Peavey.

"Yeah it was disrespectful of her, but I think he took it a bit too far shooting her laptop," said Avery Koerner.

Child and adolescent family therapist Dr. Kathie Nichols says that Jordan went too far, saying that his tit-for-tat style of parenting sets a poor example for his daughter. She says that she suspects that Jordan was trying to humiliate his daughter as a means to teach her a lesson.

"A parent should say I was very hurt by your post, and I'm sorry you feel that way. Can we talk about it?" said Nichols, who says that the video is simply vengeful. She says that she's not defending the girl's Facebook post, but wonders if that's just how she was taught to communicate by her parents.

"It's so revengeful. I mean what lesson are you teaching this kid about guns. Heavens!" said Nichols.

Jordan said some comments stated his daughter would grow up to be a stripper or get pregnant early and become addicted to drugs. True to his word, his daughter apparently still has a sense of humor because he shared her response on Facebook:

"She actually asked me to go on Facebook and ask if there was anything else the victim of a laptop-homicide could do besides stripping because all the posts seem to mention that particular job, and she wasn’t so keen on that one."

With their humor in tact, Jordan ended his Facebook post addressing the uproar over the video saying, again, that his daughter is fine, his family is fine and that his daughter will grow up happy, healthy and will have everything she needs, but not everything she wants.

He also guarantees his daughter will never again doubt his resolve to follow through on consequences again.

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