FBI and Missouri Highway Patrol investigating Greenwood police chief

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GREENWOOD, Mo. — FOX4 learned new information about a story first reported last week regarding investigations into Greenwood’s police chief. The FBI is conducting a separate investigation of Chief Greg Hallgrimson, who is also under investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Chief Hallgrimson has been on administrative leave since December 26th.

Sources tell FOX4 that both the highway patrol and the FBI are investigating alleged mistreatment of someone in the Greenwood police station, allegedly for striking that person. Sources tell FOX4 it involves the case of Jonathan Zicarelli. He’s facing a domestic violence charge after his baby was rescued from a pond in December.

The 28-year-old walked into the Greenwood police station the week before Christmas and told them he had drowned his daughter. Zicarelli said he made the decision because he wanted to make it easier on his wife. He said he was stressed out due to the holiday and trying to provide for the family.

Court documents say he confessed he drove to the pond, parked his car, walked down to the pond three separate times trying to determine if he could kill the child before placing the baby in the water and watching the child sink before leaving.

Police rescued the baby who had been in the pond for about 10 minutes, according to court documents. When police found the child, her body temperature registered at 87.9 degrees Fahrenheit. A normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zicarelli stated in an interview with Jackson County deputies he planned to kill his baby for over 24 hours after having what he described as “bad thoughts.”

Family told FOX4 they were shocked at what happened, but they added that Zicarelli had been struggling with mental health issues. They said they loved him and would support him during this time.

Zicarelli’s daughter spent a few days in the hospital, but she is now home and is fine.


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