FBI confirms KC Proud Boys interstate recruitment efforts, organization in Capitol riot


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local chapter of the Proud Boys actively “recruited,” organized and conspired to commit federal crimes as a part of the Capitol riot, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The document, detailing the circumstances leading to a Gardner man’s federal charges, outlines one instance of recent activity by the militant activist group spanning multiple states. It confirms suspicions experts told FOX4: that Kansas City has a growing chapter of Proud Boys.

Ryan Keith Ashlock was arrested by FBI agents on Monday, Feb. 22. He is charged with conspiracy, obstruction of law enforcement, obstruction of justice/Congress, and trespassing without lawful authority.

Ashlock was identified with a number of other suspects already arrested and charged for storming the United States Capitol on Jan. 6. The group was seen communicating and marching with each other during the insurrection, and many had traveled to D.C. together.

However, at least one person did not travel with the group. That’s because she is from Tuscon, Arizona.

Felicia Konold was also federally charged and issued an arrest warrant for the same crimes. Official documents show she traveled from Arizona to D.C. and met up with KC Proud Boys members.

“Additionally, a social media post from Felicia Konold on or about January 6, 2021, celebrated that she had just been “recruited” by Proud Boys from Kansas City,” the FBI document states. “In the post, Felicia Konold claimed that members of the Kansas City Proud Boys told her that even though she was not from Kansas City, she was ‘with them now.’ During the video post, she displaying a two sided ‘challenge coin’ that appears to have markings that designate it as belonging to the Kansas City Proud Boys”

The coin shows the words “Proud Boys” on one side and “KC” surrounded by a wreath on the other.

  • Picture of KC Proud Boys coin
  • Picture of rioters marching on the Capitol, including identified KC Proud Boys
  • Picture of KC Proud Boys at Capitol

Devin Burghart, executive director for the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, previously told The Kansas City Star he has documented more than 40 members of the local chapter.

Ashlock admitted to investigators that he was at the Capitol and coordinated with other members of the Proud Boys. However, he said his actions were not criminal.

The FBI document defines the Proud Boys like this:

“Proud Boys is a nationalist organization with multiple U.S. chapters and potential activity in other Western countries,” according to the FBI document. “Proud Boys members routinely attend rallies, protests, and other First Amendment-protected events, where they sometimes engage in violence against individuals whom they perceive as threats to their values. The group has an initiation process for new members, who often wear yellow and black polo shirts or other apparel adorned with the Proud Boys logo to events.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Ashlock criminal complaint

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