FBI had been tracking Raymore man for months before he plotted to bomb local hospital


BELTON, Mo. – A domestic terrorist is what FBI are calling a Raymore man who was plotting to attack a metro area hospital.

The FBI said 36-year-old Timothy Wilson was a violent extremist motivated by racial, religious and anti-government views.

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Wilson’s life came to an end Tuesday in a slew of gunfire inside the gated enclosure of a self-storage lot on Wilbur Parrish Circle in Belton.

Those working nearby in the light industrial area of the city watched in horror.

“We heard a shot and another shot and then we heard, ‘bam, bam, bam, bam’ and just got up and looked out the window and they were right up there,” said Pat Van Black, pointing to the storage facility across the street from her job.

“We saw a bunch of FBI and a bunch of people and fatigues and stuff, and we seen one guy on the ground,” Van Black said.

According to news reports, the FBI is believed to have been tracking Wilson since September as Wilson debated several targets, including a predominately black high school, a mosque and a synagogue.

The FBI said after the coronavirus hit, Wilson shifted his focus to an area hospital that was treating many patients.

On Tuesday, Wilson began to put his deadly plans in motion. The FBI followed Wilson to a storage facility where he was supposed to pick up materials for a car bomb.

Gunfire broke out as FBI tried to arrest Wilson.

Wilson lived in a Raymore duplex with a family member. No one answered the door, but a neighbor described Wilson as “scary.” The neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said Wilson would do target practice in the backyard, shooting at tin cans.

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