FBI investigates school threats, finding emails erroneously linked to former Oak Grove student

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OAK GROVE, Mo. -- Investigators questioned one young woman who seemed to have a connection to school threats in Blue Springs and Oak Grove, but she denied the connection to investigators.

The threats have slightly different wording, but are all about bombs in the schools, all from the same email account in the name of an Oak Grove High School graduate from the class of 2015.

That woman says the email account does not belong to her and that she is also a victim of these crimes as well. She spoke to FOX 4 only with the promise we would protect her identity.

“I have been running it through my head trying to figure out why someone would do this to me,” the former student told FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien.

She said she heard about the bomb threat at her alma mater Wednesday, but had no idea that it had anything to do with her until she got a visit from FBI agents, who told her the bomb threat came from a Gmail account with her name on it.

“They were really, really nice and I just told them really everything I knew, which is not much, just that I had no involvement,” she explained.

“They determined pretty quickly that that student would not be involved in creating a threat that they received,” Oak Grove Police Chief Bryon Price said.

Chief Price says when his department was contacted by the Oak Grove principal about the threat, because of its expertise, he enlisted the help of the FBI to investigate.

“At this point there is no credibility to those emails,” Chief Price said.

“They have access to everything, and I am on most social media networks so they can see that and they could tell the kind of person I was, thank goodness,” said the graduate who was investigated. “To think they felt threatened and it was somehow linked to me is just awful, awful to say the least.”

Law enforcement sources confirm the bomb threats at high schools in  Blue Springs, Oak Grove, Grain Valley and Lee`s Summit all came from the same Gmail account. The former student says the FBI agents didn`t share many details about the investigation, only to say...

“It`s not me and not to be panicking or freaking out but that they are working on it, and I am really thankful and grateful for that that someone is out there trying to figure this out,” she said.

Law enforcement sources say they are confident they will be able to figure out who is sending these bomb threats. Cybercrimes like these are a top priority for the FBI. Police say there is no reason to panic if it happens at your child`s school. Every threat will be investigated and so far no students have been in danger.


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