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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For the second time in just two years, the FBI raided the Jackson County Jail early Monday morning.

FBI Special Agent Darrin Jones said this was a well-coordinated effort between the FBI and multiple agencies. Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker was also on the scene.

“It was reported earlier this morning that this was a raid and while I can say it was no doubt a surprise to a great many of the inmates in this facility, it was very well coordinated with the other agencies,” Jones said.

The FBI led this investigation, and they brought with them six bus loads of officers and investigators from different law enforcement agencies, totaling to approximately 200 officers.

“We are very very grateful to the FBI has been willing to really engage here and help us, but both of these gentlemen pointed out this morning and I think it needs to be underscored how coordinated this effort was. We had cooperation and every level,” Peters-Baker said.

They all worked together to go through the jail in the early overnight hours and collect whatever evidence they needed for their ongoing investigation. They were gone within the 7 a.m. hour.

Officer Jones wouldn’t specifically say what the officers were doing inside the jail, but he did say this is part of an ongoing investigation that has been underway for a year and a half. He said he hopes to release documents later Monday that will better explain the investigation, while Peters-Baker said it might take a few days to go through evidence for possible charges.

FBI agents last raided the jail in February 2016. During that raid multiple jurisdictions simultaneously swept three floors of the jail and looked for various drugs, contraband, cell phones and more.

Since that sweep, multiple allegations have surfaced from the jail. Four guards were indicted with allegedly beating a man inside the jail, a man claimed as he was being raped by an inmate a guard didn’t step in to help, and a female inmate alleges that when a male inmate got into a her cell and raped her she had to wait quite a while before a guard stepped in to help.

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